The Ultimate Agent Experience

An Experience is defined as a lasting impression connected to emotions. Here at DFS Marketing our relationships with our agents are priority above everything else.

We become your back office...a complete support company for you and your business to help you make more money, see more people and get paid faster.

Our case design team eats, sleeps and breathes numbers and can help you design the perfect case for any type of client you may have.

The new business department processes every single annuity application... Scrubs it to make sure that there's no errors... and communicates with you to make sure all information is completed and correct.

and then our licensing department processes all of the licensing that comes through DFS marketing to get you appointed with the carrier's faster than you can say.. Ultimate Annuity Agent Experience.

DFS Marketing creates pre-paid shipping labels for our agents and sends them to agents in PDF form through their email so you can stick that label to an envelope and overnight the checks or applications to the carriers. 

DFS also offers Free Signature Guarantees to our agents to verify that it is the client signing the paperwork. The guarantee serves the same purpose as a notary and can be used on applications. This will save agents and their clients an extra trip to a notary or to the bank to get that signature guarantee.