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The Team

Hear From DFS Agents!


One of the marketing programs they employ is called the movie event.  A local theatre is rented and they show a movie called the Baby Boomer Dilemma, with popcorn and beverages included. 


The marketing is done with a combination of direct mail and emails.  We had a total of 193 registrants!

As good as this movie and event is, the real magic happens afterwards.  All of the registrations are then turned over to their call center.

Within just a few days, my calendar was booked up for weeks.  With the business already on the books and the prospects in the pipeline, I realistically expect this to be a million dollar plus event. 

DFS teams support, and commitment have been exemplary.   

-Bruce E.

I can not express how much of a pleasure it is to work with DFS. Everything that they provide is first class. They put their agents first and make it a priority for you to write more business. From start to finish, the events and handled to make sure and put qualified prospects in front of me. Each event runs on auto-pilot - from invitation to follow-up. DFS allows me to get in front of prospects and not spend my time on these tasks. What separates DFS is the in-house call center they use to follow-up after the events and get qualified appointments set for me.

The back-office support is also exceptional. They can handle as much of this process as you need. From application to funding they make it all run smooth. The case design and product knowledge that they use helps me with every unique client and allows me to show options to fit each clients’ needs.

As an independent advisor, DFS is an integral partner that has helping me reach my goals for 2023 and beyond!

- Chuck G.

DFS Marketing's dedication to excellence and attention to detail have been evident in their ability to understand our unique business requirements. They consistently tailor their marketing strategies to align with our objectives, resulting in a seamless integration of our brand identity throughout their initiatives. Their commitment to providing outstanding customer service has fostered a strong and trusting relationship between our firm and DFS Marketing.

- Aaron V.

DFS has guided me through numerous years of learning and as a result I am grateful that once we run an illustration and talk it through, I am able to close a very high percentage of my meetings.  I am so appreciative of Brandon Bautista, Bricely Ascencio and the entire DFS team.


I am excited about the next step with DFS.  Thank you all for the team effort.  As usual...outstanding job!!! Keep up the good work!!!!  LETS GO!!!

- Mary W.

I have been with DFS since the start of COVID and they helped me transition to Virtual Meetings and have put me in front of potential clients through various different marketing programs.


Most recently, DFS Marketing has helped me with The Baby Boomer Dilemma Movie event. They handled all the marketing, confirmations, setting appointments after the event and follow-ups. A true Marketing partner. They also helped me transition to working with Government employees and provided training, marketing and appointment setting for these leads. 

If you are an agent looking for an Insurance Marketing Organization that puts “Marketing” as a priority than you should give DFS a try. 

- Jimmy H.

I have so many good things to say about DFS Marketing. Chris Campbell has been a trusted source at DFS for anything I need. He is knowledgeable, prompt and always friendly. Chris and the entire DFS team was instrumental in planning and scheduling our BABY BOOMER DILEMMA movie.


Naturally, there were no-shows. That is where Mark Moore and his team stepped in. They called the no-shows and others and scheduled many calls for us post event. I am grateful to the DFS team for efforts above and beyond expectations. 

- Bill C.

DFS Marketing has been an invaluable partner, greatly contributing to the success and growth of our firm. Their comprehensive marketing solutions have significantly amplified our presence in the market, allowing us to connect with a large number of potential clients. Furthermore, their call center services have been instrumental in optimizing our outreach efforts and maximizing our conversion rates. I wholeheartedly recommend DFS Marketing to any organization seeking to enhance their marketing endeavors and achieve remarkable results. 

- Steve T.

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