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Delivering Creative Marketing Solutions

Our focus is to put as many qualified agents in front of as many qualified prospects as possible using creative, innovative and proven marketing solutions. 

Conference Crowd

We are dedicated to helping our agents create a turnkey seminar sales process with training and guidance throughout the entire process.  We provide our agents with the tools they need to succeed and make sure that they are well equipped to take their seminars to the next level.

What's Included:
  • Sales Training and Coaching

  • Complete Slide Deck Presentation

  • Omni-Channel Marketing

  • Reminder text, calls, and emails

  • In-House Call Center 

Turnkey Seminar
Sales System

Learn how to speak to federal employees about their retirement. This program is designed to help you better understand the federal retirement process, including the different retirement plans, benefits, and options available.  You will become an expert on the federal retirement process, helping federal employees make informed decisions about their retirement.

What's Included:
  • Over 16 hours of Training Videos

  • Sales Training Modules

  • Presentation Materials

  • Lifetime Access

Federal Retirement Program

What's Included:
  • AnnuityRateWatch

  • Institute of Financial Wellness

  • Annuities Genius

  • Retirement RoadMap

Financial Planning Toolkit

We understand the importance of having access to the right tools to help you succeed. All of these tools are designed to help you find the best annuity rates and make the right decision for your clients' portfolio. We are committed to providing our agents with the best resources and support that they need to succeed in their business. 

The goal of this program is to provide an economic advantage to your clients by looking at old underperforming annuities that you wrote 3-10 years ago. It will get your client into a better situation, get you a commission check, and count as production toward our marketing programs

Current Client Upgrade

What's Needed:
  • Most Recent Annual Statement

  • Client's Date of Birth

  • Clients' goals (Accumulation, Income, Death Benefit)

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