Super Agent Tools

It’s the ideas.
The more ideas you have and the more knowledge accumulate, the greater your opportunities become. In today’s fast moving society, fingertip access to deep pools of knowledge take on a greater role in your future success. You must have instant and permanent resources to draw from that include all the ideas, concepts, strategies and techniques that ethically move transactions across the U.S. This resource must deliver knowledge to you “on demand” wherever and whenever you desire or need it.

We are proud to announce that has been recognized by National Underwriter magazine as their Industry Elite Awards winner for Innovation.

Agents who use SAT already know it is an industry leading resource for them and their staff. We are making every effort to continue to improve and add new functionality all the time. Our release of SAT 2.0 introduces a new streamlined look and Client Management System to help you keep track of your prospects, clients, and policies/commissions.

Product Search Engine
for Annuities, Income Riders and Single Premium Life

Our search engine allows agents to instantly search through more than 600 annuities. Every detail is displayed so that agents can carefully evaluate and compare between products. Nearly every feature of every product is search ready so you can look at issue age, state approval, commission, income rider rates, caps, fees, waivers, etc. and find the best options in just seconds. The products are displayed in the same way allowing agents to learn new products in a fraction of the time it normally takes. It’s like an agent designed it.

Illustration Tools
SAT has developed numerous concept based illustration tools that allow agents, agencies and marketing firms to rapidly and accurately display winning sales ideas. These range from income planning, tax-deferred benefits, to Roth IRA Conversion and more. We also allow comparison between the industry’s leading income rider quotes all in one location thus saving an amazing amount of time. As new opportunities arise, new calculators are developed. It is an ever changing and improving conduit of presentation power for you.

Carrier Analysis
Our reporting system allows any user to pull up one or multiple insurance companies evaluating their ratings, COMDEX ranking, Risk Based Capital Ratio, bond portfolio performance and information on any non-performing assets. This system can get extremely detailed and the comparisons may provide agents with the competitive edge they need. This area also provides agents with a list of contact information, web addresses, etc. for all the insurance companies we support.

Know your numbers!
Production Tracking and Hierarchy Management (SAT) automatically tracks the production activity for each agent. If an agency or wholesaler has sub-producers, SAT displays production from the top of the hierarchy down so you can view the sales made by each agent. This is great for anyone seeking to manage their personal production and understand where their sales are coming from including pie charts identifying how much business is going to each company you represent.
With your infrastructure in place, you are now ready to systematize, scale and expand the profits of your firm. Now, we are ready to capitalize on aggressive marketing strategies.

On Demand Advanced Training
Annuities, Life Insurance, Final Expense & More

The system is regularly updated with planning and sales training ideas and techniques. Tap into the best sales presentations from America’s best producers whenever and wherever you like. Learn advanced planning and innovative income strategies in just a click. Our animated narrated agent training center is highly authoritative and loaded with all the winning ideas that get money moving. Choose from Annuity, Indexed Annuity, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, IRA Planning, Final Expense, Alternative Strategies and more. This area is used most aggressively by some of the leading agents in the industry and it is constantly improving and growing. Remember, knowledge is power!

Product Specific Training
Once you have the leading sales ideas captured, dive deeper. We have hours of insurance company product specific training on the leading annuity and life insurance products in the U.S. Combining this area with our product search engine accelerates your learning curve and keeps you producing at a greater pace.

Seminar Systems
We have multiple seminar systems with more arriving soon. These one-hour workshops have had extensive success. Again, you can watch, listen and rehearse so you can perform as a seminar expert. Our handouts have been designed to convert people from attendees to appointments and our seminars are compliant and highly successful. All materials are just one click away.

Consumer Presentations
After learning the best concepts and products, you are now ready to make a great presentation to your client. Our consumer presentations are down load ready or better yet …
Step into the future! Everything we produce is tablet (or iPad) friendly so you can actually use these presentations as you swipe from one slide to the next. Feel free to zoom in on important aspects of your presentation or pivot between our calculators and your presentation for an interactive and engaging experience for your client. This is a “WOW” moment that will set you apart from any representative they have ever met before.

Perform fact finding and provide sales solutions all from your single entry point at SAT. This provides a seamless way for you to run your business in concert with our Client management system (CMS) tool. The SAT CMS module will put all your client data at your fingertips allowing you to run your company from any location (even from your tablet, laptop or the computer in a hotel lobby).