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$3250 or $325K 

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GPS Marketing
1-on-1 Annuity Appointments
(on average 8-10 pre-qualified appointments per round)

National Social Security Certification included!
$795 Value! 

Turnkey Marketing Program that will work with CURRENT and NEW clients

10 customized Guide to Social Security booklets  

Booster Pack Options

$250= $250 of extra GPS Marketing
(or additional $50k Premium)

$500= $500 of extra GPS Marketing
(or additional $110k Premium)


If you’re struggling to find new appointments, we have your solution. DFS Marketing’s Guaranteed Prospects to See 1on1 Appointments place you in front of people who are interested in maximizing their social security benefits.

What is Guaranteed Prospects to See 1on1 Appointments?
This model is based on a targeted methodology which offers a way to meet with qualified prospects. It’s Turn-Key lead generation that allows you to have personal interactions, form relationships with people that do not frequent seminars, and help you be selective in the people that you target and meet. 

How It Works
We have created a consumer relationship platform that allows us to find leads, cultivate a relationship with them, and set up 1on1 appointments at no cost to our agents.

Program: $2,500 or $250,000 Premium Submitted


Program Include:

  • Guaranteed Prospects to See Marketing Program
    -1on1 Appointment Setting
    -Pre-qualified Appointments
    -Combination of Internet and Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Security Certification Paid For $795 Value!
    (This tool will help you with all of your clients!!)
  • Turnkey Bandwidth Program that will work outside of this program with CURRENT and NEW CLIENTS !!!
  • Customized Social Security Handouts
  • 30 Day Hold on Territory (25 Miles from Agents Home Base)
  • Training from DFS Staff

Two Points of Entry:

  • Pay to Play
  • Business Submitted

*It will take up to 30 days to take certification and prepare for appointments

*If the Agent Pays up front and submits Required business within 45 days from start of marketing, they Receive a 50% REFUND!!!