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In-Person Events

Are seminars a part of your current business revenue?

DFS Marketing is now partnered with a Preferred, Quality Vendor, LeadJig, to help do just that!


LeadJig is a Quality Vendor that is Exclusive and Approved with DFS/Amerilife and specializes in marketing for In-Person Events.

They have been around since the early 90s, with years of experience in marketing and managing data. Using Omni-Channel Marketing, Direct Mail, Digital Ad Placements, and Email Blasts to high net worth individuals. 


Using intelligent data, they can visualize targets of wealth to know their age, income, net worth, and even home value. By doing so, they can keep targets within a 20-minute drive of the venue using Google Maps and Waze. 


Their CRM contains all the information you need to help ensure your event is successful. You'll be able to see how many prospects have been reached, viewed, or registered and have all the prospect's information that Leadjig was able to gather right at your fingertips. 



Just last week, we got one of our most successful agents in front of over $50 million in investable assets. 

He had two seminars a week apart, with over 40 attendees for each event. Resulting in 49 Appointments set so far! 


See his testimonial below!  

Scott's Seminars
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