About DFS Marketing

DFS is an Insurance Media Marketing Organization.

Hi, I'm Julian Dougharty president and founder of DFS marketing. We are an independent insurance marketing organization and we wholesale fixed index annuities for the largest insurance companies in the world.

Our clients are independent financial professionals and insurance agents who sell fixed index annuities to pre-retirees, baby boomers, and seniors. 

DFS marketing was founded in 2011. I had a dream to start a marketing organization that adds value to independent producers to help them see more people and make more money in a more efficient way. 

We've been running very strong since our humble beginnings in 2011. Today we have thousands of independent agents who work directly underneath our hierarchy and we

wholesale hundreds of millions of dollars of fixed index annuities annually. 

We've learned that a lot of advisors haven't found that one true partner that can support themselves and their team in everything they need.

That's why when DFS advisors see first hand how DFS Marketing is their one-stop shop for helping the best to get even better.. they line up to sign up.

Our marketing efforts and our company motto is to create the ultimate agent experience here at DFS marketing.