About Us
DFS Marketing is an Insurance Media Marketing Organization.

About DFS Marketing

We are an independent insurance marketing organization and we wholesale fixed index annuities for the largest insurance companies in the world. 

Our clients are independent financial professionals and insurance agents who sell fixed index annuities to pre-retirees, baby boomers and seniors.

DFS Marketing was founded in 2011 with the goal of adding value to independent producers to help them see more people, increase business and make more money. We currently have thousands of independent agents working under our hierarchy selling hundreds of millions of dollars of fixed index annuity premiums.

Are you an independent annuity agent who wants to sit down with more high-quality clients? Take a look at DFS Marketing’s Guaranteed Prospects to See (GPS) which will help you set up your social media presence and guide you through what you need to get more people to see you and know you for you to get more leads and face-to-face.

About DFS

About DFS
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The Ultimate Agent Experience

An Experience is defined as a lasting impression connected to emotions.

Here at DFS Marketing our relationships with our agents are priority above everything else.

We become your back office...a complete support company for you and your business to help you make more money, see more people and get paid faster.

Account Managers

Here at DFS marketing we strive to provide you world-class support when helping you with your annuity and life insurance business.

Every single agent teams up with one of our Account Managers here at DFS. 

The Account Executives are the quarterback of your annuity and life insurance business, leading and guiding you towards your business goals. 

We want to help you make the right recommendation to your customers to help them achieve their goals. And our account managers will assist you through the process.


We take protecting our advisors, their business and their clients very seriously.

Anything we send you from an advertising standpoint from our office has been reviewed by our compliance company for suitability with applicable rules, regulations and best practices to keep everybody following the same rules.


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