Annuity Lead Nurturing
The Annuity Lead Nurturing program is designed to get you in front of new, pre-qualified clients and make
your business easily accessible to millions of people online.

Annuity Lead Nurturing Overview

The only way to make more money as an annuity selling agent is to nurture your leads. And the only place to get a lead nurturing system for annuity sales is at DFS Marketing. 

Lead Nurturing is the action of engaging with your leads namely using emails and text messages, When you email your list of contact every week with helpful, useful information that is nurturing your leads. When you send a text message to your leads giving them a new checklist that helps them choose the right annuity that is nurturing your leads.

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Why Nurture My Leads?

Answer: …so we never have to deal with BAD leads ever again! 

Have you ever had to deal with BAD leads? We all have! And dealing with them is a huge time sucker! What if you could turn up to 40% of your ‘bad leads’ into GREAT leads? And…what if you could do this on autopilot? Our Masterclass shows agents exactly what to do with BAD leads and how to turn them into GREAT Leads!

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The Secret Behind the World’s Greatest Salesman

In our online Masterclass, we talk about the World’s Greatest Salesman and the secret behind his success. This guy sold more big-ticket items, one at a time, than anyone else in recorded history! And no, we’re not going to talk in generalities about him being ‘likeable’ or ‘hardworking’ either. We’ll talk about his strategy; his method; what he REALLY did to become the Greatest Salesman in the World.

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Have you ever Done Seminars

Sure you have, we all have! Here’s how seminars go… You pay $5,000 to the organizer… You get about 20 people show up… Maybe 1 is a good lead that you can set an appointment with…and the other 19 leads go in a file cabinet to die. What if you could nurture up to 7 more of those people into buying annuities as well? We’ll show you how in the Masterclass training.

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“I Don’t Have Time to Nurture My Leads…”

We know. We have been exactly where you are now. If you had the time to follow up with all your leads, you’d be whacking golf balls off the deck of your super yacht and not reading this. But who has time to follow up with their leads every single week? We’ll share the secret of how you can follow up with all your leads TODAY while doing no work and ZERO writing! 

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But I Don't Have Any Leads to Nurture

May be you are a brand new agent? or may be you are an experienced agent who's newly getting into the annuity market.

Bottom Line: You don't have any leads for annuities.

...AT ALL!

That's OK. We'll show you where the savvy agents are getting their leads for annuity sales with ZERO Ad spend!

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