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Authority Website

Having a website as an annuity agent is one thing. Having an authority website as an annuity agent is totally different!
What's an authority website? 
Authority websites declare you as the 'authority' in your field. Fresh content, news articles, press releases, and helpful information on your website sets you apart from your competition and transforms you into an annuity authority! ...and the best part?
The content, articles, and press releases on your authority website are done for you! It's all part of your subscription to Annuity Boss! 

Social Media Marketing

With all of that fresh content being made on your authority website, what do we do with it?
We post it to your Facebook and LinkedIn account!
The term used by the best marketers is 'repurposed content'. This is the method of taking content created for your website and re-purposing it to use it elsewhere, such as on social media. 
This repurposed content is done for you!
We take the content from your authority website and push it out through your social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn as part of your subscription to Annuity Boss!

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Email Nurturing

Once your website and social media are set up, leads will start appearing.

What happens after you get an annuity lead?Most of your leads won't be ready to talk to you yet. 

They will still be in info gathering mode. The best annuity agents will give the client all of the information they need to 'warm up' that lead until they are ready to talk to you. You get 52 written emails to nurture your leads.

These emails are installed and set on autopilot as your leads come in from the internet; all included in your subscription to Annuity Boss!

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