Over 3000+ Agents Use Our Services

Why Use Our Services?

DFS Marketing was founded in 2011 with the goal of adding value to independent producers to help them see more people, increase business and make more money. We currently have thousands of independent agents working under our hierarchy selling hundreds of millions of dollars of fixed index annuity premiums.

Our Benefits

With our GPS 4.0 System we help you become a major Online influencer by helping you to build your social media presence for your business as well as an appointment-setting webpage that prequalifies potential clients to write new Annuity or Life Insurance business.

Online training will prepare you for Qualified versus Non-Qualified accounts, how to present surrender charges to a client, Roth IRA and Roth IRA conversions, and product training on every product we offer.

Guaranteed Prospects to See 1-on-1 appointments, website development, agent training, value added services, 401k business referral program and more.

GPS 4.0

GPS 4.0 is a complete suite of online digital services paired with a team of analysts and social media experts designed to get you in front of new, pre-qualified clients and make your business easily accessible to millions of people online.